Referrals- Are the Lifeblood of our business!

Recently, a builder friend of mine called me to give me a possible listing referral.  I immediately called the husband and he stated to call his wife.  I called her and we met and discussed listing their home and their desire to find another home first.  They were looking to relocate in another county with some land.  We looked at I believe 2-3 homes at the most as they wanted to have a home in mind first before marketing theirs.  We listed their home and it sold quickly as the home was in impeccable shape and their updates were state of the art.  After the home inspection on their home was completed we proceeded to write an offer on the new home.  It had over 14 acres and was set way back off the road.  There were some issues about mineral rights and we both researched and they contacted an attorney to be sure what they were getting into.  Well, their home filed first and then the new home filed.  After about a few weeks my client called me to talk about listing her fathers home in Broadview Hts and it sold quickly also. The total of the 3 transactions totaled to over $ 870,000, all from one referral.  I am so happy to have the friends and past clients that I have as they are the lifeblood of my business.  If you happen to be a past client of mine, I always appreciate referrals.

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