Utility Companies



Dominion Gas                800-362-7557            Verizon              800-837-4966

Columbia Gas                800-344-4077           AT&T U-Verse       800-288-2020

First Energy                    800-633-4766       Cleveland Water         216-664-3130

Illuminating Comp      800-589-3101              Berea Water              440-891-3308

Muni Light – CPP          216-664-4600          Berea Sewer               440-891-3308

WOW                               800-848-2278      Brunswick Storm         330-558-6804

Time Warner                  877-772-2253        Brunswick Sewer          330-225-3113

Frontier                          800-921-8101          Medina Water              330-722-9081

Dish Network              888-926-5457           Medina Sewer             330-722-9026

Direct TV               855-830-8531

Lorain County Utilities- below 

City                                   Zip                       Electric                Gas            Water/sewer     Phone          Cable

Amherst City 44001 AC CG AC CNT ATT
Amherst Twp 44001 OE CG LC CNT ATT
Avon City 44011 IC CG AVC CNT CV
Avon Lake City 44012 IC CG ALC CNT ATT
Elyria City 44035 OE CG EC ALT ATT
Grafton Twp. 44044 GRC CG GRC GTE GCC
Grafton Village 44044 GRC CG GRC GTE GCC
LaGrange City 44050 LMRE CG LGC GTE GCC
LaGrange Village 44050 LMRE CG LGC ALT GCC
Lorain City 44052 OE CG LC CNT AD
North Ridgeville 44039 OE CG NRC ALT ATT
Oberlin City 44074 OC CG OC GTE SSC
Sheffield Lake City 44054 OE CG SLG CNT CV
Sheffield Township 44055 OE CG ST CNT CV
Sheffield Village 44054 OE CG SV CNT AD
Vermilion 44089 OE CG VC CNT AD
Wellington Village 44090 WC CG WC GTE WEC

The following table provides information about the codes used in the above table.

Code Company or Service Provider Telephone
AC Amherst Utility Department 988-4224
AD Adelphia Cable 245-3535
AVC Avon Water Department 937-5740
ALC Avon Lake Water Department 933-6226
ALT Alltell Ohio, Inc. 329-4000
BFI BFI 458-5191/233-8428/1-800-433-1309
ATT AT&T Broadband 1-800-993-2225
CG Columbia Gas 282-9181/1800-344-4077
CNT CenturyTel 244-8345/1-800-475-7350
CV Cablevision 1-800-686-1500
EC Elyria City Cable 323-1330
GCC Grafton Cable 1-800-582-7551
GTE GTE 1-800-483-4600
GRC Grafton Utility Company 926-1093
IC Illuminating Company 1-800-589-3101
LRW Lorain County Rural Water 355-6060/1-800-842-1339
LCW Lorain County Water Department 245-1000
LMRE Lorain Medina Rural Electric 1-800-222-5673
NRC North Ridgeville Utility 353-0841
OC Oberlin City Utilities 755-7211
OE Ohio Edison 1-800-633-4766/233-6166
SAC South Amherst City 986-7491
SLC Sheffield Lake Water Department 949-6259
SSC South Shore Cable 1-800-582-7551
SST Sheffield Township Service Department 277-6409
SV Sheffield Village Water Department 934-1435
VC Vermilion Water Department 967-3376
WC Wellington City 647-4626
WEC Wellington Cable 1-800-582-7551

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